Second SCS employee dies within days due to COVID-19 complications, family says

Memphis, Tenn. — A second Shelby County Schools employee has died of COVID-19 during the second week of the school year.

The family said 50-year-old Catrina Brooks worked at Grahamwood Elementary. According to the school website, Brooks was a teacher’s assistant for Pre-K education.

Her Aunt, Virgie Nelson, said Brooks worked at Grahamwood for 30 years.

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She said Brooks was diabetic and would wear a mask to school everyday but her aunt did not know if Brooks was vaccinated.

Outside Grahamwood Elementary Friday afternoon, FOX13 talked to parents about Brooks’ death.

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“I take it very seriously already so I’m sorry to hear that,” said parent Emily Mulqueen.

Mulqueen said she got a voicemail from the school about Brooks’ death.

“My kids are wearing masks and actually all of their peers’ parents have been really clear they are also going to keep wearing masks,” said Mulqueen.

SCS said this week students and staff are still required to wear masks as the district consults its attorneys about an executive order from the Governor letting families opt out.

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“My other kids don’t mind wearing the mask. It’s part of everyday for them now,” said Grahamwood Elementary grandparent Lucy Alexander.

Alexander said Brooks’ death makes her nervous. Still, she makes sure her grandchildren are following all the safety protocols.

“I haven’t worried or anything about them being in school at that time. Wearing the mask does help but you can get it no matter what’s happening,” said Alexander.

FOX13 reached out to SCS about Brooks.

A spokesperson said they are aware that an employee at Grahamwood had died but could not share personal details. The district said grief counselors are offering support to students and staff.