Serenity Towers residents say elevators constantly break down

MEMPHIS, TN. — Problems continue at Serenity Towers.

FOX13 has been telling you for months now about the issues at the apartment complex in east Memphis.

Now residents say the elevators in the building are constantly breaking down and leaving residents in wheelchairs unable to get to and from their rooms.

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“If I get stuck upstairs, I’m just going to be there until the elevators are working again,” Brenda Woods of Memphis said.

Woods lives on the fourth floor of the Serenity at Highland apartment complex on S. Highland St. in east Memphis.

She said her building has two elevators: one, she said, that’s been out of service for several months, and a second that’s broken down on numerous occasions.

“We’ve had one, and it breaks down every now and then, and the fire department had to come out, and you know, rescue people out of the elevator,” Woods said.

FOX13 spoke with one resident over the phone who does not want to be identified.

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She told FOX13 is forcing some people who can’t get up to their rooms to sleep in the lobby.

“The one that we do have constantly breaks down, so people who are in wheelchairs that can’t walk are usually stuck. They can’t go up, and they can’t go down,” she said. “It impacts me because I can’t really do all that walking back and forth.”

The complex is in legal trouble after code enforcement inspectors say residents went without A/C and hot water for several weeks.

Though it has been restored to most units, Woods says her air hasn’t worked in a year.

“I got a portable air, so I’m cool. It goes off in the room, but I would much rather have the regular air,” she said.

FOX13 reached out to Serenity’s corporate office in Ohio about the elevator issues. A representative said one elevator is up and running, and parts have been delivered to fix the second elevator. She said it should be fixed in three days after it is inspected by the county.

Managers with the complex will be back in court Thursday for another status hearing.


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