‘She loves her babies’ Grandmother of mom wanted for kidnapping speaks out

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The four children who were the subject of an Amber Alert are safe after being missing for more than a month, law enforcement said Wednesday evening. But the search continues for the children’s mother, Jamisha Thomas.

Thomas is wanted on charges of kidnapping and aggravated child abuse.

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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued the Amber Alert for 10-year-old Mariah Thomas, 8-year-old Jamiyah Thomas, 3-year-old Chance Veasley, and 1-year-old Kei’Myia Veasley Wednesday evening.

FOX13′s cameras were in the 2800 block of Nathan Avenue in Memphis when investigators found the children, and we spoke to Jamisha Thomas’ grandmother, Ida Thomas.

“She’s very flirtatious, wild and stuff like that, but Misha would never hurt her babies,” Ida Thomas said.

FOX13 asked Ida Thomas if she knew why her granddaughter had been charged with child endangerment.

“That what they said. I’m hearing it as we go along. They’re telling me more than what I know,” she said.

Police said the young children had been missing for a month.

“She took the baby to Le Bonheur, and I guess they called DHS because you can’t thump your toe without them calling DHS,” Ida Thomas said.

The grandmother said at some point, the children were placed with a third party, but she was unsure how they got back into the custody of their mother.

Investigators connected to the case told FOX13 they were looking for a silver 2002 Ford Explorer. Ida Thomas said the SUV that police are looking for belongs to her granddaughter, but it didn’t run and had been sitting at the end of the street.

FOX13 went to an empty lot just down the street from where Ida Thomas lives. She said she saw the car there just two days ago. It was no longer there, and another family said that police towed that vehicle just moments before we arrived.

FOX13 asked Ida Thomas if she had any idea where her granddaughter was.

“I don’t, and if I did, I’d tell you. I just want her to get off those streets,” she said. “I think she needs to get this over with and get a lawyer or whatever she needs so we can all help her.”

The final question FOX13 asked Ida Thomas was whether she believes her granddaughter is capable of harming her children.

“No, I don’t ... no, I don’t,” she said. “I’ll state that on everything I love. She loves her babies.”