Shelby Co. commissioners delay final vote on wheel tax


SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Shelby County commissioners voted Monday on whether to pass a $20 increase to the wheel tax.

That fee is what motorists pay to drive on roads in Shelby County.

Only eight commissioners voted to pass it, which was not enough for it to pass.

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Several wanted to defer so they had time to nail those details that some are still unsure of.

The CEO of MATA spoke and said this would be a historic opportunity and the first time that the county would be funding MATA.

The $20 addition to the wheel tax brought folks on all sides out tonight for a spirited debate on why they do and don’t think it should be implemented.

“I just think we don’t kick this ball or this can down the road that we get this voted on that we take this back to the drawing board and we get it done right not in the way of a vehicle tax. I love Rendezvous, great good. But because they’re employees can’t be there for the bus when they get off that shouldn’t be my problem living out in the county,” said Danny Young, a Shelby County Resident.

“What we know is that every single commissioner represents a constituent who needs better access to transit. As commissioners it’s your duty to represent all of your constituents, those that vote and those that don’t, those that have the privilege to access consistent transit and meet their employment needs and those that are currently as we speak losing their livelihood due to insufficient access to reliable transit,” said Britney Thornton, a Shelby County Resident.

The ultimate decision Monday was that this will go to a commission meeting January 22nd.

FOX13 spoke with the Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris who said he plans to have more answers on how this tax will help folks even out in the county.

Hear from Mayor Harris tonight on FOX13 News at 10.