Shelby Co. Commissioners set to vote on pipeline today

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The fight against the Byhalia pipeline continues.

Shelby County Commissioners are set to vote on the deal today.

Sunday, community members in Westwood gathered to oppose the 49-mile long, multi-billion-dollar crude oil pipeline possibility that could run from Memphis to Marshall County, Mississippi.

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“There are people in this district and city who pay their taxes, raise their kids and committed their lives to make this city a better place to be and we’re saying that we don’t want oil in the soil and enough is enough,” said Justin Pearson, Co-Founder of the Memphis Community Against the Pipeline organization.

The Byhalia Connection Company said the pipeline could help boost the economy and bring tax revenue for services like public safety, public schools and road improvements.

In response to opposers, they said they’re striving to limit the project’s impact on landowners, the community and the environment.

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The organization and Memphis city council member Edmond Ford, Sr. said it could cause problems with drinking water and the overall health of people in multiple communities.

“This cannot stand, we must choose Memphis over a Texas-based billion-dollar crude oil pipeline. We must choose the people who live here over a Texas-based billion-dollar company who’s willing to destroy our water and you know why? Cause they won’t be drinking it and they won’t be here,” said Pearson.

The project has projections to start construction this year and could begin moving oil through the community in the same year.