Shelby Co. Election Commission needs volunteers

WATCH: Shelby Co. Election Commisssion needs volunteers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — If you are looking for a few extra bucks, the Shelby County Election Commission desperately needs more volunteers for election day.

Most of their poll workers are seniors, but the pandemic means many of them will not put themselves at risk to work the polls this year.

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The election commission got more than 200 applications but it said that’s still not enough.

The commission still needs 125 Republican poll workers.

“State law says that we have to balance our polls out with Republicans and Democrats and right now we are critically short of Republicans working in Shelby County,” said Diane George, a Shelby County Election Commission poll worker specialist.

George said the commission held a virtual job fair for poll workers Thursday. Plenty of Democrats signed up, but if her team doesn’t get the help needed from Republicans, voters will feel the impact when they go to vote.

“Well staffing our precincts will help the lines, help people with questions,” George explained.

The election commission is already expecting longer than normal lines this year.

“It’s a great opportunity to work in your neighborhood, to give back to your community. I know that some companies are giving their employees the opportunity and encouraging them to take the day off.”

A lot of people are worried about COVID-19. The election commission is taking extra steps to keep voters and workers safe.

“You’re going to sanitize when you come in. Our poll workers, it’s mandatory for them to wear a mask. We are wearing gloves. we have shields up,” George stated.

George encouraged men to help out too. Right now they have more women workers.

It’s really not volunteer work. You get paid $190 dollars a day to be a poll worker.

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