Shelby County Clerk’s Office to close for two separate weeks to catch up on backlog

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — The Shelby County Clerk’s Office will close for two separate weeks to catch up on the backlog of additional work the office is facing, according to Shelby County Clerk Wanda Halbert.

FOX13 obtained an email Halbert sent to the Shelby County Commission and Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris’ office.

That email from Halbert reads as follows:

Good Afternoon:

Contrary to emails and public communications regarding the Shelby County Clerk mail problems, the Shelby County Clerk MAIL WAS STOPPED due to a lack of funds as per the Shelby County mailroom (please see official email below).

Because the customer pays a $2 regular and $5 first class mail fee in order to request a service, Shelby County performs a sweep but historically was never documenting said funds. Additionally, even if an independent office cannot perform a service, State law requires the County to be legally liable to provide the service. If a simple call from elected to elected would have occurred, we would not be “in this moment”.

To date, our office is stuffing and mailing August 11th mail to customers!!

Because of the backlog of additional work, our office has notified the State, we are having to close for the following weeks to catch up on critically outstanding services.

The email goes on to say that Halbert anticipates the clerk’s office closing from August 22-26 and then again from September 19-23.

Halbert sent out a press release shortly after which said that “all hands are on deck” to catch up on critically outstanding services, most urgently auto dealer packets.

Halbert goes on to say, in that press release, “Our team performs collections and generate local / state and federal funding for more than 70 different transactions. We cannot apologize enough for the embarrassment of our team and leadership who work very hard to ensure every customer is served. Because our orders were back on track, last week we placed both a double and triple order through the State Department of Revenue for license plates”.

Halbert said that if customers have outstanding plates they believe were not received due to mail delivery, those customers can contact the County Clerk team at