Shelby County Clerk’s Office closes due to COVID-19 exposure

WATCH: Shelby County Clerk's Office closes due to COVID-19 exposure

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Shelby County Clerk’s Office closed its downtown location due to COVID-19 exposure.

Wanda Halbert, County Clerk, said they contacted the Shelby County Health Department but could not confirm whether it was an employee or someone who visited the office who had the virus.

Halbert also said when the downtown office closes, the other satellite offices can’t operate.

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Seven other offices were forced to close.

The clerk’s office handles things like:

  • Collects Liquor by the Drink Taxes
  • Issues notary public commissions
  • Sells business licenses
  • Swears in deputy sheriffs
  • Issues Marriage Licenses
  • Issues tag renewals

Before the office closed, a woman came into the clerk’s office without a mask.

When asked to put one on, she refused.

Workers had to call the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.