Shelby County Clerk’s Office limit employees to prevent COVID-19 spread

WATCH: Shelby County Clerk’s Office limit employees to prevent COVID-19 spread

MEMPHIS,Tenn. — The Shelby County Clerk’s Office will be back open for business on Monday, but it might take longer for you to renew your license or get new car tags.

All seven locations will have smaller staff in order to practice social distancing.

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Shelby County Clerk, Wanda Halbert said you can do several things online like renew your motor vehicle registration and business license.

But, if you are renewing your license, you’ll have to go in person and wait in line, which could take hours depending on how many people are waiting.

The office is adjusting to their new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Halbert said this means longer wait times because less staff will be inside their seven offices across the county.

“The most important thing for us is to make sure we protect not only our customers but our employees while we serve,” said Halbert.

Instead of 10 or 15 employees at the clerk’s office downtown, there will be five.

At the satellite locations, there will be two employees instead of four.

Halbert said this decision was made after there was a second COVID-19 exposure in one building.

“My concern is as the lines start to grow outside the building, the customers will have to wait outside whatever the weather may be,” said Halbert.

Some services need to be done in person like getting your driver’s license renewed or new car tags, but other services like applying for a marriage license, renewing your motor vehicle registration, and business license can be done online.

“We just pray and pray for health safety and well being of every citizen and our employees and I think it would behoove Shelby County to brace its self for another year or two of this issue,” said Halbert.

The county clerk told FOX13 that if you are going in person you will be asked your name and phone number and will have to wait in your car until you are called so they can practice social distancing.

We’re also told they are looking at locations where they can set up drive-through offices.