Shelby County commission approves job cuts to vital programs

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County Commissioners approved job cuts in the middle of an economic crisis in America.

About 40 million Americans have filed unemployment claims which are about 1 and 4 workers.

“Because of the darkening economic conditions, I believe one of our top priorities should be to avoid cuts to vital programs and to avoid layoffs of County employees,” said Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris.

The mayor continued:

Unfortunately, however, the Shelby County Commission has voted to do both. I have previously reported on the cuts to vital programs that the Commission has approved, see here. When it comes to the job losses that will accompany these program cuts, the reports are still coming in. However, based on cuts that the County Commission has already adopted, we know this so far: 32 jobs at the Health Department have been put in jeopardy of elimination, 30 jobs at the Fire Department, and 19 jobs in Community Services.

The county will keep you posted as the new budget process plays out.

“Suffice it to say for now, unless there are additional changes, dozens of Shelby County employees could see their jobs vanish amid the current public health emergency,” Harris said. “This is the wrong approach and the wrong time to put jobs in jeopardy.”

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