Shelby County Commissioner requests updates on progress on staffing and delays at clerk offices

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The saga continues between the Shelby County Commission and the county clerk’s office, with the latest effort coming from a commissioner who just took office last month.

This resolution, sponsored by Commissioner Erika Sugarmon, will be on this Wednesday’s commission committee agenda.

“We’ve had a lot of frustration with Clerk Halbert,” said returning Commissioner Mick Wright.

Wright said it’s time to take the next step.

“There’s been a lot of finger pointing it seems like, back and forth, I’m hopeful that these new commissioners will join us in taking every possible action to see to it that the county clerk is just doing her job.”

According to the agenda, it requests repairs and replacements of kiosks, conducting a job study to determine how many staff members are needed to work efficiently, and the opening of the drive-thru clerk’s office on Riverdale, which was announced back in March.

When FOX13 reported on this story seven months ago, Clerk Halbert told us they were still waiting for machines, furniture, and additional employees to be able to open it.

But Commissioner Wright said he’s heard very little about it since.

“We’ve really not heard any updates on that, I have talked with members of Mayor Harris’s administrations and they’ve provided me with some updates on what’s going on with it but it does seem like again, it has fallen to the clerk’s office, why there’s been such a delay on getting things done,” said Wright.

In a conversation via text, County Clerk Wanda Halbert said, ‘The potential recommendations are exactly what we have been asking for over the last 4 years.’

When we followed up asking about that Riverdale location opening up by October 31, she said, “Still waiting on furniture, technology, and additional employees as per Shelby County Government.”

Wright said with six new commissioners in office, he feels encouraged that changes could be on the way.

“This is a new commission, it’s a Democratic majority commission and they represent the same party that the clerk does. So I’m hopeful that a little more pressure, maybe from the clerk’s own party, maybe getting these things resolved, would be good,” said Wright.

We reached out to Commissioner Sugarmon to discuss this resolution. She did not respond as of Monday night.

This item is slated for discussion on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.