Shelby County considering county-wide mask ordinance

WATCH: Shelby County considering county-wide mask ordinance

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Shelby County is considering a county-wide mask ordinance.

This is just five days after Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland signed the city of Memphis’ mask requirement.

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Right now, Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris said they are talking to the state to see if the county has any authority to order people to wear masks.

Why the county wouldn’t have the authority is unclear, since as you said, the city of Memphis already has a mask requirement.

Harris said they haven’t heard back from the state yet, but said he expects to hear from them soon.

“Right now, we do not believe the county has that authority,” Harris said. “We only believe we have that authority if the State tells us that, so we have reached out to the state for that. Other communities besides Shelby County have also tried to get that information.”

Harris said he hopes they have a response by the weekend.

Also, he’s supportive of the city’s mask ordinance and mask-wearing in general.