Shelby County Fire Dept. rescues dog from frozen pond

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — The Shelby County Fire Department rescued a Great Dane that had fallen through the ice on a frozen pond in northeast Shelby County Monday morning.

According to a Facebook post, the Jackson family called SCFD around 7:30 a.m. asking for help. Their two-year-old Great Dane had fallen through the ice nearly 100 feet from any shore.

PHOTOS: 120-pound Great Dan being saved from the icy pond

The dog was let outside with two others. The family said their 13-year-old old Dane was then immediately back summoning the Jackson’s for help. As they looked out toward their frozen pond, they saw Zoey, the 2-year-old 120-pound Great Dane, had fallen through the ice.

Monday February 22, 2021 Shelby County, Tennessee A fire department is a cohesive group of individuals that in concert...

Posted by Shelby County Fire Department on Monday, February 22, 2021

The Jacksons said they went into the water but could not reach their dog through the ice sheet and were themselves in great danger. They called 9-1-1, and the SCFD was on the way.

“Even though protocols don’t always allow many fire departments to perform animal rescues, the administration here at the SCFD engaged without pause simply saying ‘Send ‘Em,’” the fire department said.

Three units were dispatched not only to see if they could help the dog but also as a precaution to make sure the family who had entered the freezing water was okay.

When SCFD arrived, Zoey was still struggling.

According to the post, Fire Fighters Barry Daly and Jordan Owens got into a paddle boat and, after some fast safety checks, hauled out onto the icy water to grab Zoey.

They smashed through the ice with a sledgehammer and used pike poles to get to Zoey.

Fire Fighter Owens steadied the boat while Fire Fighter Daly grabbed Zoey’s collar with the pike pole.

The collar slipped away from the freezing dog’s head, but Daly was able to grab the nape of the dog’s neck, and Zoey was hauled aboard the boat.

Once back on land, Zoey was rushed to the vet where SCFD said they were told that she is warming, breathing well, and receiving excellent care.