Shelby County health officials say young adult age group makes up 12% of those vaccinated

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — President Joe Biden is changing his focus after failing to get 70 percent of the country vaccinated by the fourth of July.

The White House is putting new emphasis on people 27 years old and up to get at least one dose of the vaccine by the end of the Independence Day weekend.

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Vaccination reluctance or hesitancy exists in young adults despite efforts to make them aware of the dangers of COVID-19.

“We are certainly lagging a little bit with vaccinations with younger people and young adults,” said Dr. Shirin Mazumder, Infectious Disease Specialist at Methodist Lebonuer.

Mazumder said COVID-19 can be devastating to any age and Gen “Z’s” are no exception.

“Younger people are still vulnerable to COVID and get sick and require hospitalization,” said Mazumder. “They can get complications from COVID.”

The White House is now pushing for people 27 years and older to get vaccinated.

It is a challenge nationally and locally.

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According to the Shelby County Health Department, people ages 25 to 34 make up only 12 percent of local residents who have gotten vaccinated.

That age group makes up 18 percent of all COVID cases according to the most recent data from the health department.

Now infectious disease experts are worried about the delta variant.

“Cases are on the rise with the delta variant and it is more transmissible,” said Mazumder.

This is why Dr. Mazumder believes the Biden Administration is on the right track in focusing on getting 27-year-olds and those older to get at least one dose of the vaccine by the end of the Fourth of July holiday.

“It appears the vaccines do offer good protection against the delta variant but people have to be fully vaccinated.”

Dr. Mazumder and other infectious disease experts said local officials may have to start pushing the get vaccinated message to the younger generation on social media and using so-called influencers as their advocates.