Shelby County leaders crack down on illegal dumping

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Officials in Shelby County are cracking down on illegal dumping.

They’re asking more people to step up and report illegal dumping so the people responsible can be held accountable and the trash can get cleaned up.

FOX13 received a video earlier this week that showed illegal dumping in Parkway Village.

We sent the video to two Memphis City Council members and at least three Shelby County Commissioners.

Commissioner Eddie Jones immediately went to work to find the responsible.

Jones said videos like that one help others fight trash and blight in the community.

He said the suspects in the video have been located.

The case is still ongoing to determine appropriate punishment or fines.

Jones and Commissioner Van Turner held a press conference Friday at the Vasco Administration Building on N. Main, where the suspects in the video spoke to the community and apologized for dumping the trash.

From the release:

Commissioner Jones states, “I was very concerned to see the young men dumping the trash within my district. It is clear that they had no understanding of the severity of their actions, and I want to ensure they have the opportunity to address the community publicly about this matter.”

Commissioner Turner states, “There are serious consequences for inappropriate actions committed by our young people; however, there has to be room to allow them the opportunity to address their errors directly as well as have support to make amends when possible.”