Shelby County mayors want more vaccination sites for easier access

Watch: Shelby County mayors want more vaccination sites for easier access

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Shelby County mayors want vaccination sites closer so their folks don’t have to travel far to stay safe.

The Health Department announced one location at the Pipkin building off Tiger Lane.

Arlington Mayor Mike Wissman said his people need more access to testing and future vaccinations.

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He said a pop-up testing location was put in Arlington only once during the pandemic so he’s worried the same thing will happen with vaccinations.

“Try to make it more available,” said Mayor Wissman. “People want to get it. We just have to make it easy for them to get it.”

Wissman suggests having vaccination sites at schools when we move into phase 1b. This phase includes K-12 teachers.

“We are a society where we have to have convenience. That’s just the way it is and I think right now going down to the Pipkin Building or Liberty Bowl area will be more of a challenge,” said Wissman.

Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald supports the idea as well.

“We have a pretty good size, chunk of our population is 65 and older so 30 percent, that’s a lot of our folks. It would be better for them and more convenient if it was located right here,” said Mayor McDonald.

A spokesperson with the Health Department said the plan is to have pop-up vaccination sites across Shelby County. Right now, the health department is looking at potential sites.

Still, Mayor Wissman hopes its closer rather than far away

“Just geographically if they would move it around between the northeast, I’m sure southeast would like the same, the northwest,” said Wissman. “We just have to make it easy for people to get tested and get their vaccines.”

The health department is still vaccinating people in phases 1a1 and 1a2. This includes mortuary workers, first responders, and people over the age of 65.

Right now we don’t know when the next batch of vaccines will arrive.

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