Shelby County parents receive first Child Tax Credit deposit

SHELBY CO., TENN — Parents, have you checked your bank accounts today?

If so, you may have noticed some extra money from the IRS. Millions of Americans got their first round of Child Tax Credit payments today.

We’re told this money will help families in Shelby County. Shelby County is one of the poorest counties in the nation. We’re told this additional money will lift more than 18,000 kids out of poverty

“Hopefully, the benefit will go in the right direction. Not just the parents, but the kids, because there are so many kids living in poverty,” said Takila Phillips.

Daliyah Phillips is a student at Higher Learning Enrichment Academy. Her mother, Takila Phillips, said the Child Tax Credit sent out Thursday would come in handy.

“I do a lot of investing in my kids, and hopefully parents will see this and know this will not only will be beneficial for clothes, but investments for your children,” said Phillips.

35 million parents across the country received their first Child Tax Credit deposit Thursday. $300 for each child under six and $250 per child between six and 17. They’ll come monthly until the end of the year.

“With the stimulus checks already delivered and the Child Tax Credits today, the American Rescue Plan alone will deliver $11,400 to a single parent with two small children,” said Rep. Steve Cohen, (D) Tennessee 9th District.

Eligible parents should receive their payment automatically if they filed a tax return in 2019/2020 or signed up to receive the stimulus check.

“There are other people who need it to, so hopefully they will go to the IRS website or my website. We have a place on there where to go to get the money,” said Cohen.

If you are an eligible parent, but did not receive your payment visit this link.