Shelby County Prosecutor terminated after allegedly misusing confidential information

A former Shelby County Prosecutor is being investigated after allegedly misusing confidential information.

Glenda Adams was terminated sometime last week by Attorney General Amy Weirich.

In a statement from Weirich:

"At my request, the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference appointed Gen. Bryant Dunaway to handle this investigation. Any inquiries should be directed to him.

I terminated Ms. Adams' employment with our office last week."

FOX13 uncovered new information about why Adams was fired last week.

The TBI says it is investigating Glenda Adams on allegations of misconduct involving the misuse of confidential information. To be clear, Adams has not been charged with any crime.

Public Information Officer Keli McAlister with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation also released a statement:

“At the request of 30th District Attorney General Amy Weirich, TBI Special Agents are investigating allegations of misconduct involving the misuse of confidential information. General Weirich has since recused herself from this case and 13th District Attorney General Bryant Dunaway has been appointed as District Attorney General Pro Tem. No arrests have been made. This remains an active and ongoing investigation.”

FOX13 spoke to about a half dozen lawyers who didn’t want to go appear on camera describe Glenda Adams as polite and professional. They told FOX13 they were surprised to hear Adams had been fired.

Three people with direct knowledge of the investigation told FOX13 the confidential information was auto accident records.

It might seem unimportant to most of us, but to personal injury attorneys, those records are valuable.

We see an auto accident but the personal information about the driver, passenger and those injured are kept private, according to state law. The only people who should have access to it are the people involved in the wreck, their lawyers, and insurance companies.

Three independent sources said former Shelby County Assistant Prosecutor Glenda Adams is accused of providing that type of information to a select group of personal injury lawyers, possibly giving them an unethical advantage in getting clients.

Neither the TBI nor the DA’s office is commenting on the specifics of the investigation.

Attorneys who have argued cases against Adams told FOX13 she is a good lawyer who follows the rules.

FOX13 checked the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility and found no record of public discipline.

FOX13 also checked Glenda Adams' LinkedIn page. We discovered Adams worked as a public defender for 10 years before becoming an assistant prosecutor. On her profile page, Adams mentions her experience as Assistant District Attorney with a demonstrated history of working in the law enforcement industry., skilled in Trials, Criminal Law, Government, Law Enforcement, and Trial Practice.

FOX13 reached out to Adams for a comment on her LinkedIn page. She has not responded.