Shelby County restaurants continue evolving six months into COVID-19 pandemic

WATCH: Shelby County restaurants continue evolving six months into COVID-19 pandemic

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — From restaurants transforming into mini grocery stores to creating a parking lot oasis, Shelby County restaurants have evolved how they’re serving food, and what dining looks like over these past six months during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Behind the Beauty Shop in Cooper Young, you’ll see repurposed geodesic domes.

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Owner and chef Karen Carrier said she bought them last fall for a new dining and movie experience called Back Do / Mi Yard at her other business DKDC.

Because of the weather, she never really used them but now these domes are a staple for the restaurant’s new normal.

“People love them they’re booked up like weeks in advance and who knows – I never know when I bought these last October that this was going to really the smartest thing I ever did,” she said.

Like many restaurants, Carrier had to get creative with her space to maintain social distancing while keeping her doors open and her staff employed.

“We created curtains with plastic over at my music club DKDC over next store to the Beauty Shop and of course, the Beauty Shop, so we social distanced everywhere but we had basically four spaces to basically expand out on,” said Carrier.

Some limited-service bars and restaurants are still closed or limited to take out only.

But there are new restaurants still opening across the city. Southall café opened today on S. Mendenhall and Carrier is opening a new takeout only deli called Hazel’s Lucky Dice Delicatessen next week in Cooper Young.

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