Shelby County Schools leaders discuss possibility of winter and spring sports

Watch: Shelby County Schools leaders discuss possibility of winter and spring sports

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — Shelby County Schools might allow winter and spring sports next year. This comes as some students return to in-person classes in January.

While the Shelby County Health Department recommends against sports the Whitehaven baseball coach argues it isn’t a close contact sport.

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“It’s tough on those kids man,” said Whitehaven Baseball Coach Galvin Sims. “It is extremely tough because again they work hard,” said Whitehaven baseball Coach Galvin Sims.

Coach Sims said his baseball players can’t sit out another season. He argues baseball is safer because it’s outside and athletes can social distance.

Coach Sims said several students want to play in college but they have no recent footage to show recruiters.

“It’s definitely an important role for kids that have a dream and have a dream they want to be a pro-athlete one day,” he said.

An SCS spokesperson said school leaders are meeting with athletic directors and coaches to discuss safety protocols for winter and spring sports. The district is also reviewing guidance for physical conditioning.

Coach Sims emphasizes baseball is more than just a sport. It’s a growing opportunity and a chance for students to follow their dreams.

“Completely shutting us down for two years - that’s tough, that’s very tough,” he said. “We have kids that can definitely play on the next level that need this year.”

The health department is recommending against close contact sports but SCS will ultimately make the decision.

Coach Sims said he plans on talking to school leaders after the holiday.

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