Shelby County mask mandate may end next weekend under new health directive

SHELBY COUNTY — Shelby County’s mask mandate could be lifted as soon as next week, according to local health officials.

A new health directive is set to come out May 12 and go into effect May 15.

The mask mandate will still be in place most likely where masks are federally required, or if a privately owned business requires them.

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The final health directive hasn’t been completed, and the language in it is still being reviewed by the Shelby County Health Department.

Officials say words like “must” and “required” could be changed.

Officials say they’re speaking with local businesses and event organizers to get their take on social distancing and masking up.

The federally run COVID-19 vaccination site at the Pipkin Building is set to close in less than two weeks, but vaccines are readily available at the site and many others across the city.