Sherra Wright pleads guilty for her role in Lorenzen Wright’s murder 1 year ago today

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s been one year since Sherra Wright pleaded guilty for her role in the murder of her ex-husband, former U of M and Memphis Grizzlies star, Lorenzen Wright.

Last Sunday, July 19, marked 10 years since Lorenzen Wright is believed to have been killed.

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That was the day gunshots were heard during his call to 911.

His body wouldn’t be found until 9 days later, July 28, in a wooded area in southeast Memphis.

For years, the case of who killed the NBA star sat cold.

Then in December of 2017, 7 years after Wright’s death, his ex-wife Sherra Wright and Billy Ray Turner were arrested on charges related to his death.

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For two years the pair was in and out of court.

Then, on July 25, one year ago, Sherra Wright pleaded guilty to facilitation of murder in the first degree.

She was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Wright must serve at least 30 percent of the sentence and will get credit for time served.

She could be eligible by late 2026.

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The family made it very clear they plan to be at the parole hearings to fight for Sherra Wright to stay in jail for as long as possible.

Billy Ray Turner, the man accused of killing Lorenzen Wright, was originally set to go to trial in September of 2019, but got recessed so his lawyers could overlook new evidence.

In February, Turner was given a trial date of October 26.

Its possible Wright could be brought down from the Tennessee Prison for Women to testify against Turner.