Should businesses be able to mandate employees to get vaccinated?

Memphis, Tenn. — Should businesses be able to mandate employees get the covid-19 vaccine?

Thursday, city leaders and the University of Memphis discussed how getting shots into the arms of all employees at some businesses could be beneficial in fighting COVID-19.

Currently, employers can require vaccines, but experts said that can be risky for the company.

There’s a push against requiring the covid vaccine.

The Greater Memphis Chamber said there are multiple pieces of legislation in the works to prevent an employer or business from mandating their employees get the covid shot.

Memphis is working to make it possible for businesses to get the shot together in one space if employees want to get the shot.

Gina Sweat, the Director for the Memphis Fire Department, said they now have what are called HOV lanes, or fast lanes, for groups and businesses to get the vaccine. The service can provide 250 shots in one hour.

“We will work with you and block off a set of appointments for your business between 8 and 9 if you have 250 people. You can tell them on the way to work to go through and get your vaccine. We think this is like a concierge service. It’ll help get our community vaccinated,” said Director Sweat.

All a business has to do is call 901-636-8228 or email to set up this access. It’s only available at the Pipkin Building. Director Sweat said this will help get more people in the community vaccinated and allow employers and workers to get back to business.