Should students be taught gun safety in school?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A law enforcement analyst says gun safety education must be taught in Memphis schools and churches now that the new permitless gun carry law will go into effect in a few weeks.  

Law enforcement analyst Bennie Cobb says it should be mandatory for schools and churches to teach this. 

A Memphis high school principal told FOX13 she knows many of her students have guns, and in fact, one of her students just got shot this year.

Some parents said they do not think gun safety should be taught in schools because it could lead to more violence. 

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Amin Buchanan, who’s about to graduate from high school Saturday, says he wishes gun safety education could have been a part of the curriculum because he and many of his friends have been impacted by gun violence.

”Just a couple weeks ago, someone I didn’t know personally but just from mutual friends, he was killed,” he said.

“Schools, churches, community centers, especially in Tennessee with this permitless carry, we should absolutely have an education and a gun safety campaign going right now,” said Cobb.

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FOX13 asked a spokesperson with Shelby County Schools if the district will consider gun safety education this fall. They said SCS follows the law and the Tennessee Department of Education regarding gun safety education.  

A spokesperson for Frayser Community Schools says because it’s a new law, it is something they are considering, but they have not decided if or how to implement it once the school year starts.