Single mother of 5 fears eviction after recent layoff

WATCH: Local mother fears the unknowns that come with unemployment

MID-SOUTH — The Mid-South’s unemployment numbers have risen day by day since the coronavirus hit.

Hollie Lockett, a mother of five, started working at a local hospital two years ago and was laid off.

The custodial worker, who also cooked for patients, never imagined this.

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“As far as your bills, just a lot of different difficulties,” Lockett said.

What started off as managers cutting back, Lockett’s hours turned into her getting laid off.

For the first time in Lockett’s life, she along with her children ages 10 to 23-years-old, now depend on Shelby County Schools nutrition services for food.

WATCH: Mother of 5 fears eviction after recent layoff

This is how she plans to feed her family until her situation improves.

“For now, receive the blessing that they have for us today as far as the food bank,” she said. “They have been really good to us as far as helping out and support the communities.”

Lockett fears the food will run out and she and her children could end up homeless if she doesn’t get back to work soon.

She is scared.

“I am, but I have faith,” Lockett said. “I have faith.”

Families across the country are struggling to pay the rent and mortgage.

Lockett isn’t sure how much longer she can live like this.

“It’s just hard to say right now,” she said. “You just never know. That’s why it’s important to save for times like this.”

While the bills are piling up, the income isn’t coming in.

Data from the National Multifamily Housing Council reveals only 69 percent of tenants paid their rent between April 1 and 5.

That’s compared to 81 percent in the first week of March, which includes renters who only made partial payments.

Last week, we told you about reports that said the federal government will issue a 120-day moratorium on evictions from federally subsidized housing or from a property with a federally backed mortgage.

“It’s hard, but I stay strong through it all and pray,” Lockett said.