Sister of Memphis post office shooter says he was bullied prior to murder-suicide

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We now know the name of the United States Postal Service worker who killed two employees before turning the gun on himself Tuesday at an Orange Mound Post Office. Family members have identified him as 28-year-old Johntra Haley.

Haley’s sister said he told family members he was being harassed at work constantly until he finally snapped. She’s now calling on USPS to make changes so this never happens again.

“Johntra, he thinks with his heart and his mind. But, that day his heart was not connected to his mind,” said Haley’s sister.

ORIGINAL REPORT: 3 employees, including shooter, dead after gunfire erupts at Orange Mound post office

Startea Langston said her brother Haley gunned down two United States Postal Service employees Tuesday before turning the gun on himself.

“He told me there were quite a few people bothering and messing with him and teasing him at work. I said well that’s unacceptable. How are you working in the federal building and you’re getting bullied at work?” said Langston.

Langston said her brother started working at USPS back in July. She said he reported the bullying to a union representative, but she’s unsure if or how his complaints were addressed.

“I know my brother. He not gone do anything or say anything until he took it and took it until he snapped,” said Langston.

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We spoke with a family member of one of the victims off camera. She said she doesn’t believe her family member was the intended target, because he was filling in at the Orange Mound location for another employee.

Langston apologized for the pain her brother caused families.

“It was 24/7 about work and his kids. He had a heart of gold. I’m not saying anything he did was right. I truly feel bad for the people who lost their lives,” said Langston.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened in Shelby County. Last month a third-party vendor shot several people at a Collierville Kroger, killing one before killing himself.

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“We have to have an off-boarding process that’s as compassionate in our culture as our off-boarding process,” said Rikki Harris with TN Voices.

Rikki Harris with Tennessee Voices, a nonprofit that focuses on mental health services, said it’s important companies make mental health a top priority to curb this type of violence.

“Having a company that promotes self-care, a culture of compassion, a company that has strong and positive conversations even when talking about negative things,” said Harris.

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Harris also said it’s important people reach out to organizations like TN Voices when they’re in a dark place.

“We’ve provided an online library where people can access information for self-help purposes. We also offer counseling services for people who can’t afford to pay or have insurance,” said Harris.

Langston hopes all employers begin to offer these types of services.

“There needs to be a change. When you go to work, you need to go to work and feel comfortable,” said Langston.

FOX13 reached out to the postal service Wednesday to see if Tuesday’s shooting would impact services today. They offered the following response.

“The Postal Service continued service throughout the community, but we’re told the East Lamar Carrier Annex may have had limited delivery service today. People should receive full operations tomorrow.”

FOX13 reached out to representatives for a statement on the allegations of bullying. We have not heard back.

Haley’s sister apologized to the family of the victims killed in Tuesday’s post office shooting near Park and Pendleton.

“I truly feel bad for the people who lost their lives in the process,” she said.

“I just know quite a few people had been messing with him at work,” she told FOX13. “I said how are you working in a federal building and you’re being bullied?”

She says her brother just couldn’t take it anymore.

“I know my brother. He’s not going to say anything until after he has taken it and he just snapped,” Langston said.

After the shooting, police say the killer then took his own life.

Langston says there were signs leading up to this and her brother had reached out for help.

“When they called I was like there should have been something done but I guess not,” she said.

Meanwhile, police have yet to release any details as to the motive for these shootings.