Some cities and towns have already taken down MS state flag while some have not

MISSISSIPPI — Mississippi legislators voted to remove the state flag and replace it with something without the confederate battle flag on it.

That law was passed on Sunday.

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Communities in Mississippi have until July 13 to take the old flags downs.

DeSoto County Board of Supervisors told us that they are still waiting on word from the state department of protocol and history before taking the flag down.

The flag is still flying in front of school buildings and county buildings in DeSoto County.

It has been removed at all of the buildings owned by the city of Olive Branch.

The mayor told us it was removed so there would be no further issues with it.

“I mean, I understand, you know most groups feel some type of history about the flag and about history but there are a lot of us in the African American community that feel the flag is a symbol that makes it feel racist so I understand why they took it down,” the mayor said.

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The flag was taken down in the town of Tunica, as well there are several municipalities across north Mississippi that stopped flying it years ago because of the controversy.

Clarksdale’s Roger Stolle is the co-founder of the Juke Joint Festival.

He deals with tourists who told him it was time to move on.

“Well, of course, a lot of places have taken it down because it’s not flying where it was before, but I really feel the quicker this can happen the quicker the healing can begin,” he said.

Many cities are currently flying a flag with the state’s seal on it while the state has no official flag.