Some community leaders fear permitless carry will only increase gun violence

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Stevie Moore feels there’s no sign of the gun violence stopping in Memphis.

“I pray that I’m wrong but I think it’s gonna get worse,” Moore said.

It continued overnight Friday with four people shot and killed in less than four hours.

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While prepping for a walk against gun violence, Moore who runs “Freedom From Unnecessary Negatives”, said the community is tired of hearing about marches.

“I get the question sometimes, says walks don’t do no good,” Moore said. “What good walks gonna do? Well I have to take them back 53 years ago and ask Dr. King the same question when he started walking for injustice for black people.”

There have now been 129 homicides this year.  Last year, we set a record with 332.

“It’s frightening,” District 10 Commissioner Reginald Milton said. “It’s truly frightening.”

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Milton said the 2021 outlook is bleak. Milton referenced the upcoming statewide permitless gun carry law taking effect July 1 as more reason to be concerned.

“I fear more lives will be lost,” Milton said. “But in the end, these young people are not born with weapons. This is a society which has, because of its worshiping of it, has let them down.”

Moore agrees that things can only get worse when July comes around.

“Our young men and women are carrying guns already, now you gonna pass a law to make it open carry,” Moore said. “What do you think gonna happen?”

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Another night, another trail of questions with families wondering why.

“Elected officials often give condolences,” Milton said. “They’re asking for more than that. They’re asking for a film and unless we can do that then our condolences means nothing to these families.”