Residents allowed to return after evacuation due to potential levee breach

OXFORD, Miss. — Residents are being allowed to return to their homes after the Lafayette County Fire department has asked some people who live north of Oxford near the airport to evacuate due to the potential of a levee breach.

FOX13 Meteorologist Yasser Kishk, who is on location, said Tara Dam is being closely monitored in northwest Oxford, Miss.

Crews are working in the area and police are directing traffic.

According to the Lafayette County EMA Director, the Lake Tara Dam has not breached at this time. A sinkhole is forming on the levee. Local fire officials are pumping the water to relieve pressure off of the levee. The Gumtree Subdivision is in the inundation area. Those residents have been notified and evacuated. County Road 102 (College Hill Road) could be impacted if there is a break.

This is a developing story.