Some Tunica casinos are staying maskless despite the Delta variant

Memphis, Tenn. — In March of 2020, the State Gaming Commission shut down casinos in Mississippi to stop the potential spread of COVID-19.

With the Delta variant on the rise, could they close again? FOX13 looked into what is being done in Tunica County.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission told FOX13 Tuesday that there was no talk of requiring masks at Tunica casinos, and there was no plan to put social distancing in place.

Prentice Jones lives in Tunica County.

“Well, I think that fully vaccinated people should have the option to wear masks, but unvaccinated, I think they should have to wear masks in a casino,” Jones said.

Through a number of phone calls, FOX13 found out that none of the casinos have a mask requirement in place for guests at this time.

FOX13 found out from industry insiders that recently, Gold Strike Casino started requiring employees to wear masks, and Hollywood Casino has hand sanitizer out for guests and social distancing markers.

Tunica County leaders said they do not have a mask mandate in place right now.

Some gamers told FOX13 it’s up to the customers to take care of themselves.

Mac Brown had thoughts on that.

”If everybody would wear a mask, it would be different, but some want to wear a mask and others don’t, and if everybody would have to get the shot, we wouldn’t have to worry about it,” Brown said.