Southaven 7-year-old Facetimes with seniors stuck inside because of COVID-19

WATCH: Southaven 7-year-old Facetimes with seniors stuck inside because of COVID-19

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Retirement homes across the Mid-South have suspended visitations to limit the potential spread of the coronavirus and that means many seniors haven’t been able to see their families or grandchildren in weeks.

But there’s one Southaven 7-year-old who is making a difference and bringing a little bit of joy to those homebound residents.

Lawson Bennett is a talkative 7-year-old and his mother said he’s never met a stranger.

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“Lawson has always been gifted in the area of socializing and conversation,” said Holly Bennett.

Now his gift for gab is making a difference for seniors stuck inside because of the COVID-19 pandemic

Every morning, Lawson starts his day FaceTiming with the residents of Wesley Meadows Retirement Community in Hernando, Mississippi.

The retirement home restricted all visitation on March 16 to prevent COVID-19 from coming into the facility. Since then the center has been looking for creative ways to keep their residents engaged but little Lawson is by far a fan favorite.

“It’s good we get to talk to because they can’t get out of their homes and they can’t really do anything and they can’t have other family members there,” said Lawson.

“We’re kind of in the same situation you know. We can’t see our friends and family like we normally would so it’s nice to reach out,” said Holly Bennett.

Lawson and his new friends talk about everything from school to games but the biggest hit is definitely talking about Bert – the family dog

Right now to Lawson he is just making new friends but his mother said one day he’ll appreciate the impact he is having during such an uncertain time.

“I think he’ll look back on this one day and be really happy that this is something we both got to experience together,” she said.

When all this is over and things go back to normal, Lawson and his mom said they’re looking forward to meeting some of their new FaceTime friends in person.