Southwest offers ten free business, marketing online classes during pandemic

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thousands of people are trying to figure out how to make it through this pandemic.

Some are jobless, some are furloughed. All need a little help.

Southwest Tennessee Community College is now offering free business and marketing classes to help people get to the next level during this pandemic.

Andre Harmon launched his IT consulting group, The Harmon Group, less than a year ago. He told FOX13 the pandemic has actually increased his client base since he specializes in web design.

“Your CBD store in Collierville, they were my first client,” he said. “They found the need to set up an e-commerce site after COVID hit.”

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Harmon said he wants to keep the momentum going. Recently, he saw a post about free online business, marketing, and finance classes from Southwest Tennessee Community College. And like many people, when he saw the word “free” he didn’t believe it.

“So I enrolled, and I got to the point where it’s time to make a payment and I thought, oh alright here’s the hook so I reached for my wallet but then it said zero cost and I was like oh this is real,” Harmon told FOX13.

Now Harmon one of more than 8000 people taking advantage of these free non-credit classes.

Southwest Workforce & Community Solutions is offering these self-paced tutorials to help small businesses and entrepreneurs gain some news skills during the pandemic.

Staff told FOX13 classes take about 24 to 30 hours to complete but once you enroll, you have three months to complete the course.

“The response has been overwhelming, and we’re just so happy that people are going to benefit and that southwest has been able to make a difference to these individuals and businesses’ lives right now,” said Anita Brackin, Associate Vice President of Workforce and Economic Development and Continuing Education at Southwest.

Harmon said he just finished the digital marketing course and he’s signing up for two more.

“For me, I’ve used the course to build an interactive internet marketing strategy that I can use for that store and other stores I’m working with to say here’s how you position yourself to stand out above the rest in this already crowded space on the internet,” said Harmon.

Southwest Tennessee Community College says the free offer for the ten online classes is good until June 30.

And even if you enroll on June 30, you have three months from that date to complete the course.

You can find more information about all ten courses and how to enroll, here:

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