Spay Memphis has largest life-saving year yet, non-profit says

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn — Spay Memphis, the non-profit clinic offering spay and neuter surgeries to pet owners in the Memphis area, performed 6,750 spay and neuter surgeries in 2019.

The clinic shared its 2019 say and neuter numbers with FOX13.

Dogs - 2,170 (1,308 female, 862 male)

Domestic Cats - 3,010 (1,717 female, 1,293 male)

Feral/Community Cats - 1,490 (845 female, 645 male)

Rabbits - 59 (32 female, 27 male)

Pigs - 21 (10 female, 11 male)

TOTAL - 6,750 Spay and Neuter Surgeries

“We are so proud of the success we had in 2019,” said Brittany Pace, Executive Director. “Just a few short years ago, these high of numbers seemed impossible but now, with our larger facility and amazing staff, we hope it is just the beginning of what we can accomplish for animal welfare in our community.”