Nashville special prosecutor appointed in case of man shot and killed at Kroger gas station

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — District Attorney General Glenn Funk of Nashville has been appointed as a special prosecutor in the shooting death of a man at a Kroger gas station in Memphis.

Funk’s appointment followed an announcement from the Tennessee District Attorney’s office that an investigator with the office might be a witness in the shooting that killed Alvin Motley Jr.

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The investigator has been put on leave without pay for failing to notify the DA immediately, according to a release from the DA’s office.

“I do not want anything to cast a shadow over the pursuit of justice so I am recusing our office,” a statement from the DA’s office said.

Alvin Motley Jr. was shot and killed after an argument, allegedly over loud music.

FOX13 Investigates: Security guard charged in gas station shooting was unregistered

According to the State of Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, Gregory Livingston was not registered to work as an armed security guard in Tennessee.

Livingston is charged with second-degree murder.

FOX13 emailed Allied Universal, the security company that hired Livingston for comment.

So far, the company has not responded.

Attorney Ben Crump, who is representing Motley’s family, sent the following statement:

“It has been reported that the man who killed Alvin Motley over loud music, Gregory Livingston, was not a licensed armed security guard at the time of the shooting. Reports allege Livingston was denied his license on two separate occasions and his most recent application filed in early August was denied because he violated a statute for working as an armed guard without a registration card. This begs the question, if he was denied his license and didn’t have one when he killed Alvin, why was he on Kroger premises with a firearm acting like he was qualified to do so, and seemingly, with Kroger’s blessing?

“There is no excuse for this oversight by Kroger and Allied Universal that led to Alvin Motley’s death. Livingston should have been fired immediately when he violated a statute by working with a weapon. It is beyond evident that Livingston was a threat to public safety who believed he had far more power than the rules and regulations allowed him, which ultimately led to Alvin’s death. If Kroger’s representatives, employees, or individuals who they contract with don’t respect Black life, then they shouldn’t expect our Black dollars.”