St. Jude family’s Christmas wish comes true after 5-year-old son beats cancer

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A St. Jude family’s Christmas wish came true.

The Ternahan family gets to celebrate the holidays with their 5-year-old son, Micah, who is now cancer-free.

One year ago, Micah was diagnosed with stage 4 adrenal cancer.

He was only given a 10 percent chance to survive.

“Because we missed Christmas last year we decided we’d go big for it this year,” said his father Bobby Ternahan.

Last year, Christmas was tough on the family.

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Bobby Ternahan rushed his child to the hospital because he thought he was suffering from appendicitis but he found out it was cancer.

“We were so lucky, he was given a 10 percent chance of survival and here we are,” said his mother Heather Ternahan.

After months of surgeries and chemo treatments, Micah was declared cancer-free in August.

“We had this moment where we were like we have him with us and he is thriving and doing incredible and no one expected this to happen,” said Heather Ternahan.

The family is appreciating the little moments like hugs, laughs and simply spending time together.

It’s a Christmas the family will never forget.

“We just want to pinch ourselves and say we are here, he’s here, we are here and being thankful,” said Heather Ternahan.

Micha is now going through therapy at St. Jude to heal his body from the chemo treatments.

He’s doing well and his family said if we weren’t living in the middle of a pandemic Micah would be able to go back to school and enjoy life like any other kid.