St. Jude partners with CodeCrew to create interactive art app

WATCH: St. Jude partners with CodeCrew to create interactive art app

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — As the city prepares for another St. Jude marathon weekend, there are a few new art installations throughout the city.

These new murals feature artwork by St. Jude patients but with a creative twist.

With the new St. Jude Art app, you can find one of five art installations and with a click of your phone – the artwork comes to life!

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“First we had to scan the picture on to the software and then from there it’s a matter of finding the reference points so the bird knows where to come out of,” said Javon Garcia, CodeCrew member.

Garcia is one of the teenage masterminds behind this new interactive experience.

St. Jude’s ALSAC innovation team partnered with computer science nonprofit, CodeCrew, to create the interfacing for this augmented reality.

Garcia said they spent an entire semester working on the project but the final product is more than what we could have imagined.

“Seeing it in person is really just – I’m so impressed with what we helped create. Like I can’t even believe I was a part of something so big,” Garcia said.

CodeCrew staff said it was a rare opportunity for these students to work with cutting edge technology like augmented reality and it’s a set of skills they can use beyond the classroom.

“They can actually apply these skills as professionals, augmented reality is very much ascendant, so our kids are actually learning how to mix the real world with the virtual world,” said Meka Egwuekwe, CodeCrew Executive Director.

There are five art installations through Downtown, Midtown and even one near Shelby Farms.