State issues second order for Memphis nursing home to shut down

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Dirt and cockroaches in cabinets and on dishes, medication mismanagement, and unlicensed staff caring for residents are just a few of the problems at one Memphis nursing home.

A nursing home FOX13 investigated has been ordered to shut down again.

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In July, FOX13 told you about Loving Arms, a Memphis nursing home that was still in operation a month after the state suspended its license.

On June 24, the nursing home was closed down by the state.

Violations FOX13 first reported included missing documentation for residents and uncertified staff caring for them.

The report from the Health Facilities Commission said infectious and hazardous waste was improperly handled, and there were several concerns surrounding resident care and dietary concerns.

The report also said there was no plan in place to ensure the residents were taking their medication, and there were flies and gnats in the refrigerator.

Additionally, it said the facility failed to provide adequate meals to its residents, and there were dirt and cockroaches in the cabinets and on dishes.

The commission gave the facility ten days to clear residents out.

When FOX13 visited the nursing home a month after that date, it was still open.

The very next day after the story aired, the state ordered a new hearing and found even more violations.

From July 1 to July 19, inspectors found a refrigerator in the kitchen was not working, and the food inside was warm.

The toilet in the women’s bathroom was removed, leaving a hole in the bathroom floor.

The facility was not maintaining the required 48 hours of food on the premises and instead was relying on donations from a non-profit organization.

The report said one resident with throat cancer was fed mashed potatoes, an inappropriate meal for someone with that illness.

It also said inspectors noticed a caregiver speaking aggressively to multiple residents.

During the hearing, the state gave Loving Arms a new deadline.

The facility was ordered to cease operations and have all residents out by August 15.