Storm relief: What insurance does and doesn’t cover

WATCH: Storm relief: What insurance does and doesn?t cover

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Hundreds if not a few thousand people were affected by last weekend’s storms in one way or another.

Everyone is cleaning up, but that can be especially tricky for people who are renting apartments or houses.

The process starts with determining who is responsible after a natural disaster.

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After the weekend storms, many renters are figuring out how to move forward.

“Now its time to okay take a deep breathe and say I’m not hurt, I’ve lost stuff, let me start adding stuff that’s lost,” said Kathy Thurmond Edwards, a State Farm Insurance agent.

State Farm agents said landlords and property owners are only responsible for repairing the building, while renter’s insurance covers any of your belongings that were damaged.

“If you turn apartments upside down and shake everything out, you’d be surprised how much stuff you have from clothes to shoes to appliances. So, renter’s insurance is important for your personal property as well as your liability,” said Edwards.

In cases when an apartment is ruined by a natural disaster, Edwards said landlords aren’t obligated to help you find another place to live, but your renter’s insurance can help you with some temporary relief quickly.

“There’s a provision called additional living expenses where we would pay for a few nights at an extended stay facility while you find another place to rent,” said Edwards.

Agents said if you didn’t have renter’s insurance before the storm, there’s not much you can do except get a policy with your new apartment.