Strickland speaks about the presidential race, supporting Bloomberg

WATCH: Strickland speaks about the presidential race, supporting Bloomberg

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis is eight days from Super Tuesday primaries, which include Tennessee and Arkansas.

It's the first real test for democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland has been vocal about his support for Bloomberg.

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Monday, Strickland spoke exclusively to us about the race and Bloomberg’s support of stop-and-frisk when he was New York City's mayor.

FOX13’s Tony Sloan talked with the mayor while he helped to present checks to non-profit organizations in Memphis.

Thousands of dollars were donated by AT&T to go into three non-profit organizations to lower recidivism to help give offenders a second chance in the workforce, but while there, Strickland talked about a need in the Memphis community to help fight crime.

Strickland compared it to when Bloomberg was mayor of New York City.

When asked about his thoughts on the democratic contest, Strickland said right now, it appears to be a two-candidate race between Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Bloomberg.

He spoke about the well-known stop-and-frisk policy and said every candidate has good things and bad things, but there’s an overall picture he looked at as his reason for supporting Bloomberg.

“If you look at it overall, he reduced the number of victims in his 12 years as mayor of New York City by thousands,” Strickland said. “There was one part of that plan that he regrets, and he’s apologized for, but if you look at his overall record he’s reduced crime by 45% and murders by 50%.”

Strickland has used those numbers as his reasons to support Bloomberg’s presidential run.

Strickland also talked about the same vision for to lower crime and murder rates in Memphis.

He said it can happen through continuous efforts like check presentations to invest in the people of Memphis and hopefully lower crime.

Bloomberg, who didn't decide until a few months ago to run for president, was not on the ballot for the first four primaries and caucuses, which include this weekend in South Carolina.

Instead, he’s focused his campaigning and hundreds of millions of dollars in ads on Super Tuesday states.

Mike Bloomberg is coming to Memphis on Feb. 28.