Students returning to Ole Miss give big boost to local businesses

WATCH: Returning Ole Miss students give big boost to local businesses

OXFORD, Miss. — Ole Miss students gave Oxford Businesses a lift as they returned to campus.

Many retailers counted their blessings and dollars as 22,000 students return.

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Businesses around town received a much-needed boost.

From school clothes to news school outfits, it’s not just the students that are spending.

The sign outside of Neilson’s Department Store on the Square said “WELCOME BACK” in big letters.

Reid Bankston said parents have brought their wallets.

“We have had a great August we had parents in town helping their kids so usually they bring the money so we are happy with that,” Bankston said.

Business just picked up with traffic a few weeks ago.

“The place has kind of escalated the last two or three weeks then the upperclassmen moved in and the freshmen moved in which is always good for Oxford,” Bankston said.

Football weekends won’t have hundreds of thousands of people at Vaught Hemingway Stadium and there will be no tailgating but they will take the crowd they can get.

“Obviously at this point what we were able to get in terms of attendance we’re grateful for what we can get and we hope it sticks and can escalate before the end of the season,” Bankston said.