Students say fights are all too common after police break up high school brawl

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An all-out high school brawl that ended when police pulled the fighters apart was caught on camera outside a Memphis high school.

FOX13 had questions for police, school administrators, parents, and students after the fight broke out Tuesday outside Hamilton High School in South Memphis.

“You’re in the hood. It’s going to come. You have to do what you have to do,” said one 12th grader at the school.

Students said fights are far too common at Hamilton High.

“There are arguments every day,” said 10th grader Raiyven Lewis.

Lewis said she does not believe putting more officers on campus is a solution.

“More cops will not do anything because one day we had more cops, and it didn’t do anything,” she added.

FOX13 reached out to the Memphis Police Department (MPD), inquiring about the response time to Tuesday’s fight.

MPD responded by saying:

“Officers responded swiftly; they arrived within five minutes of receiving the call. The call was received at 3:04 pm, dispatched at 3:05 pm and officers made the scene at 3:10 pm. Six minutes total to receive a call, dispatch the call out and make the scene sounds like a great response time.”

FOX13 also reached out to Memphis-Shelby County Schools (MSCS) for a comment. The district replied saying:

“To clarify, we are aware of an incident involving Hamilton High School students on April 26 after school hours. Several students have been disciplined for their involvement in the altercation which occurred off campus on city property. Local law enforcement were patrolling the area and immediately responded to the altercation. MSCS Security also provided immediate assistance. The incident is under review and all families have the right to appeal disciplinary decisions.

MSCS remains in collaboration with local law enforcement as we continue to prioritize the safety of students.”

FOX13 was at Hamilton High School Wednesday and noticed a huge police presence well before school let out. The officers appeared to be patrolling and taking precautionary measures.

“The best thing I feel like a parent can do is like, I try to tell my son and my children all of the time, is to try to teach them to go the right way. Don’t go with the in-crowd. Get with the out-crowd,” said Melvin Lee Smith, whose grandson attends Hamilton High.

Smith said he believes the fights are being fueled by students wanting content for viral videos.

“It’s become like a routine. You put it online, and everyone wants to come and see a fight. I think that’s just terrible,” said Smith.