Study suggests U.S. needs more COVID-19 tests

WATCH: New study suggests not enough people are being tested for COVID-19

TUNICA, Miss. — Do you think the country is testing enough people to open safely?

A new study suggests we’re not testing nearly enough people.

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Understandably so, the last time we opened up testing to everyone testing sites were hit hard.

“It’s difficult for people around the country to get it done because of the restrictions and the limitations,” said Jason Lederfine, fight promoter.

In the next two days, more than 30 fighters from across the country will arrive in Tunica for a show.

“We’re requiring all fighters to get tested and it’s difficult to find places to even get tested. It’s difficult to get results back in a timely manner,” said Lederfine.

Testing for COVID-19 is a growing issue.

A recent study by Duke University and the Rockefeller Foundation found to open the country safely we would need to test 200-million people a month.

Currently, fewer than 25-million people a month are tested.

“I would love to see us test more people, more frequently, but I don’t think at this point we have that capacity available,” said  Nicholas Hysmith, Medical Director of Infection Prevention Methodist Le Bonheur.

The study said testing capacity could grow if additional tests enter the market and there is more research laboratory capacity is recruited.