Supply chain issues, price hikes impact Valentine’s Day shopping

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Even the day dedicated to love can’t escape the impacts from supply chain issues. Florists say last-minute shoppers can expect to pay more on this Valentine’s Day, because of a shortage of supplies and labor.

“The biggest thing’s been freight, trying to get flowers in, getting them flown in,” said Rachel Greer, owner of Rachel’s Flower Shop. “Our wholesalers here in Memphis they’re doing an unbelievable job, but they are so many shops, they can only put so much in one building. So we’re all forced to buy different areas to get enough flowers to get a selection that’s great for the public. This industry’s hurting trying to fill all those gaps.”

Greer’s Binghampton shop on Poplar Avenue has been in business for more than 60 years. But she says it’s been tough getting through this recent roadblock.

“The mom and pops that grew certain flowers were forced out of business when there were no events last year so a lot of shops are having to depend on the availability of what there are and then we have to pay the price that they tell us,” said Greer. “So, if you’re determined that you want one thing then you better be determined to spend some money.”

And it’s not just the short supply of certain flowers that’s causing the price hike, Greer says other supplies that help create beautiful bouquets have also increased.

“An average this year is up 30% then what it was last year,” said Greer. “I think easily $100 and up is an average range because all flowers, all glassware, all tape, all deliveries, all gas, everything’s up. Flowers that retailed for $3 are retailing, for some, as many as $6.”

But, customers inside Rachel’s who spoke with FOX13 didn’t seem to mind the price hike. An apparent nationwide sentiment, as the National Retail Federation reports U.S. consumers are expected spend nearly $24 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day gifts this year, which is $2 billion more from 2021.