Supporting local music groups right at your fingertips

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A big group of people who are impacted by lots of bars and venues closing their doors is local music artists.

To help support these artists, Memphis Tourism’s Music Hub has created a virtual music relay festival.

The event kicks off Thursday and runs through Saturday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The event will be held on a Facebook event, co-hosted by Memphis Tourism and I Love Memphis.


The best way to donate to this fund is on its website.

“This is the time to give back to the Memphis music community that has given so much to our city’s cultural identity,” said Music Specialist Jayne Ellen White. “Our music has brought such joy to so many and now is the time to speak to the world through our universal language: music.”

You can see a full lineup on the event’s website.

The Memphis Tourism’s Music Hub has partnered with Music Export Memphis to collect donations for a COVID-19 Relief Fund that benefits musicians who have lost gigs as a result of the health crisis.

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“Our local musicians play an integral part of the Memphis destination’s identity as a live music city,” said Kevin Kane President and CEO of Memphis Tourism. “Their talents not only keep Memphis’ music scene vibrant but, now more than ever, they are able to share those talents to lift up, not only our local community but also a world of music fans."

"As people around the world connect with us during this virtual musical festival, these outstanding artists will have an opportunity to not only share their talents with new audiences but also share messages of hope.”

The event page, which is co-hosted by Memphis Tourism and I Love Memphis, can be accessed via this link.