Surprise of a lifetime: family given a new home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A South Memphis family got the surprise of a lifetime this week – a new home paid in full.

You may have recently seen the video on your Facebook timeline, but it’s not the first time FOX13 has spoken to the family.

About four months ago, we first met 7-year-old Legend Johnson and his family after he was innocently shot in his grandmother’s home in South Memphis.

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At the time, he was recovering at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, eating popsicles.

Now, his grandmother has a new home.

Olivia Johnson says she first met Ashley Grayson on Facebook, and they’ve grown closer since.

“We met on Facebook like five years ago. She hit me up on the inbox. She asked if I could do promo for her, and she could fix my credit, and I was like, ‘yeah, cool,’” Johnson said.

Since then, Grayson has given back to single moms across Memphis, buying cars and now, a home.

It all started when Grayson asked Johnson for a list of possible moms.

“Sent her three women, my mom included. She said I want a lot of background info, so that’s when I brought up the shootings. My mama’s house been shot up like five times just her living there for these two years,” she said.

The home, at an undisclosed location, is fully paid off, and all taxes and maintenance will be paid on it by Grayson and her husband for the next two years.

Johnson says her mother was eager to move ASAP.

“My mama been talking about it ever since. She’s overwhelmed. She just keeps saying, ‘I feel like I’m dreaming.’ It don’t even feel real,” said Johnson.

The home giveaway video has garnered thousands of shares and comments on social media.

But Johnson says the love and attention go beyond Facebook.

“Ashley’s everything to us. This is everything. I’m forever indebted to her,” she said.