Surveillance video shows moments before man was killed by security guard at Kroger gas station

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The security guard accused of killing a man in early August at a Kroger fuel station will now go to a grand jury.

Gregory Livingston is the man accused of killing Alvin Motley Jr. at a Memphis gas station.

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A judge ruled there’s enough evidence to show the shooting unjustifiable and will go to a grand jury for an indictment.

We heard from three witnesses today.

Two of them giving detail of the altercation that led up to the shooting.

Witnesses shed new light on the events of that day, everything from the loud music to the words exchanged between Alvin Motley and security guard Gregory Livingston.

Two customers were brought in to give testimony, one of which recorded before and after video of the shooting.

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In the courtroom today, we also saw for the first time witness cell phone and surveillance video of the deadly altercation at the Kroger Fuel Center on Poplar Avenue.

The surveillance video showed the precise moment Motley was shot shortly after he got out of his car on Aug. 7.

Another camera angle shows his body on the ground.

Outside the courtroom, we talked to Motley’s family, who also saw the video for the first time Tuesday.

His father described the sight of it as painful.

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“After seeing the video and going through this preliminary,” Motley Sr. said. “I was heartbroken. I’m outraged beyond all measures. He shot my son.”

The case now heads toward a grand jury.

Attorneys representing both sides said they are now gearing up to move forward with the next step in what could be a long process.

“Thank God there’s video,” said Attorney Ben Crump. “I thank God there a strong family who is saying we won’t let them sweep this under the rug.

“Like I said to the judge our position is enough as far as what I defense is today was not a day for a trial,” said Leslie Ballin, representing Livingston. “It was a preliminary hearing.”

A Memphis Police Homicide Detective also testified giving detail of the crime scene giving further confirmation of Motley being unarmed.

In the video below, FOX13′s Darrell Greene walks viewers through the surveillance video that shows the moments leading up to the deadly shooting.