Suspected serial wedding crasher faces grand larceny charges

MARSHALL COUNTY, Miss. — A suspected wedding crasher is facing charges again.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office in Mississippi said Sandra Henson, who is accused of showing up to several Mid-South weddings uninvited and stealing money and gifts, has been caught in Alcorn County.

Marshall County deputies went to get her Wednesday afternoon to charge her with grand larceny.

Investigators and victims said this is not her first time committing such a crime.

“Why would you pick a day that means so much to people and try to ruin it for them?” Brittney Rivera of Collierville said.

It was supposed to be the happiest day of Rivera’s life, but she’ll also always remember it as the day someone stole from her.

“I looked at her and said, ‘Who are you? Who do you know at this wedding?’ and she just smiled at me, waved, and walked off,” she said.

Rivera got married last November in Collierville. She said the mysterious woman showed up uninvited and left with almost all the money and cards from the gift table.

Rivera wasn’t sure who the woman was — until she was tagged in a Facebook post on Monday as a warning to brides.

“As soon as I opened it and saw the picture of her in her mask, it didn’t take but a second for me to go, ‘Yep, that’s her,” she said.

The post was from Madison Sacharczyk. She got married last weekend in Byhalia, Miss.

Sacharczyk said the woman, who police have now identified as Sandra Henson, showed up, went into a private room, and stole money from her purse.

Police records showed in 2019, Henson was charged in Florence, Alabama, for stealing from weddings there.

“She’s been doing this for a long time spanning over several states. It’s disgusting,” Drew Rush of Jackson, Tenn. said.

Rush said Henson stole from his wedding in Jackson back in 2018.

“She was ordered to pay back the money, which she did, and she apologized to the judge and promised she wouldn’t do it again,” he said.

As for Rivera, she’s glad to have some closure finally.

“She obviously doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings,” said Rovera. “She’s just concerned about making a few dollars off of someone.”

The woman who made the Facebook post said she feels violated by this incident, and hopes by warning others, she’ll help put a stop to this type of theft.