Sycamore Elementary School to hold all virtual classes Friday

WATCH: COVID cluster causes Sycamore Elementary School to hold all virtual classes Friday

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. — Sycamore Elementary School is experiencing a cluster of COVID-19 cases, the Collierville School’s Public Information Office Mario Hogue confirmed Thursday.

All students who attend the school will be virtual starting Friday, Oct. 9, Hogue said.

Students will be out of school a week for Fall Break starting Monday, Oct. 12.

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School administrators will decide what steps to take next over the break.

One dad is able to help his youngest son Allen ride his bike, but on a normal day, the boys would be in the classroom at Sycamore. He got a voicemail saying because of a COVID-19 cluster the school is shut down.

“My wife reached out to my son’s teachers for more clarification and they say we are remote learning and the kids will go back after fall break," said David Ngo, a Sycamore Elementary Dad.

He remembered what happened and how his boys reacted earlier this year before Spring Break.

That’s when kids went home for the break and never went back because of the pandemic.

“Oh Daddy I want to go to school I want to play with my class and all that but things are going better so I hope they have more time to go in person this time especially for the young kids," he said.

Young kids like 1st grader, Jimmy, his brother, Jeremiah who’s in 3rd grade and sister Drakala, who’s in 4th grader all attend Sycamore but on this Friday their classroom is their front porch and their school work: to get creative with paper and crayons.

“Getting ready for school and wonder why the parking lot was empty and then come to find out that school has been canceled," said Lakasha McClain, a Sycamore Elementary Mom.

Collierville Schools released the following statement:

“Sycamore Elementary School has transitioned to remote learning to aggressively respond to the current COVID-19 cluster at the school. This response only impacts Sycamore Elementary School starting and ending on Friday, October 9th at the end of school operations. If students need assistance navigating the curriculum digital platforms, please contact our IT Help Desk at (901) 901-1606. Thank you to our supportive community for their continued patience and commitment to Collierville Schools,” said Mr. Hogue, Public Information Officer.

FOX13 spoke with the principal this morning to alert parents right around bell time that if they didn’t get a text or email then school wasn’t going to happen.

As far as when kids return to the classroom that isn’t clear, but the district said they will let us know soon.