Tax-free weekend is approaching and there are things you need to know

WATCH: Tax-free weekend is approaching and there are things you need to know

MID-SOUTH — The Sales Tax Holiday is right around the corner.

This weekend, clothing and other back-to-school items will be sold tax-free in all Mid-South states.

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The holiday has taken on a special significance this time around because this school year, having reliable technology at home is going to be more important than ever.

“This Sales Tax Holiday means more to everyone this year due to the economic and financial strains we’ve been dealing with in the pandemic,” said Samantha Singer, with the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

She added they expect a high turnout this year.

“This is all about families, people everywhere saving money and helping support our economy,” Singer said.

Virtual learning, to some extent, seems the preferred choice for parents across the Mid-South as COVID cases continue to climb, and a “second wave” predicted for later this year.

This Tax Free Holiday weekend, you might save a little money on back-to-school clothes and classroom supplies, but while working from home, students are going to be expected to partake in class and turn in assignments online.

That means they’re going to need laptops and tablets, something not all districts are providing for students currently.

“They’re going to need it, that’s going to be crucial: using a laptop, using an iPad, using a computer,” Singer said. “And this year it’s great because the spending threshold has doubled. That means you can purchase these electronic devices, up to $3,000 per item. Previous years it was $1,500.”

With sales tax hovering at 10 percent, that’s a lot of savings.

If you live in Mississippi or Arkansas, though, laptops, computers, and tablets do not qualify for the tax-free savings.

Also not included in any state, accessories like handbags, tech items like Air Pods, or expensive clothing items like sneakers.

In Mississippi and Arkansas, clothing items must cost less than $100 to be tax-free.

In Tennessee, the cutoff is $200.

If you don’t feel comfortable visiting a store right now, the same rules and tax-free offers apply online as well.

For more information about the parameters set by each state, visit Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas’ websites.