Armed man killed in officer-involved shooting at Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office, DA says

HARDEMAN COUNTY, Tenn. — A man is dead after an officer-involved shooting in Hardeman County, Tenn.

Hardeman County District Attorney Mark Davidson said a man died after a shooting outside the Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday morning around 6:15 a.m.

According to the district attorney, an armed man showed up outside of the Hardeman County Jail, leading to the incident with law enforcement.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation gave an update on the shooting near the 500 block of South Main St. in Bolivar, Tenn. around noon.

According to the TBI, 43-year-old Andra Devon Murphy from Toone, Tenn. fired shots at correctional officers around 6:00 a.m. Wednesday morning and drove off.

The TBI said that Murphy then returned, still armed, while the Bolivar Police Department was on the scene at the Hardeman County Criminal Justice Complex.

Murphy approached the officers while armed and was shot and killed, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said.

The TBI would not say if Murphy shot at Bolivar Police.

Three officers were involved. They are all on administrative leave.

”I can tell you that three officers responded initially and the numbers of officers that shot will be part of the investigation,” TBI spokesperson Keli McAllister said.

A motive for why Murphy returned and exited his vehicle, according to the TBI, has not been provided at this time.

”Of course that is part of our investigation and is something we are looking into.” McAllister said.

TBI could not say if Murphy had family who worked at the complex or if anyone he knew was housed there at the time.

”That’s not information that I have. We don’t believe he is a former employee but we will be looking into those aspects and his history,” McAllister said.

FOX13 also asked the TBI if Murphy had pointed a gun at the officers or fired on them.

”He was armed but that whole scene of events is still under investigation,” McAllister said.

FOX13 reached out to Murphy’s family about the shooting but they did not want to talk about it.

A FOX13 investigation into Murphy’s criminal background showed that he’s been arrested by the Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office and the Bolivar Police Department several times.

A few of the charges that stemmed those arrests were hit-and-run involving death, multiple DUI’s, and domestic assault.

Murphy had multiple DUI offenses and a vehicular homicide charge in 2017 for which he served 2 years. He also had an aggravated assault charge in 2000.

We’ll update this story with that new information as soon as it comes in.